AVR Consultancy & Projects Pvt. Ltd. is formed to help the poorer boys and girls from various age and education without employability is my target group whom we bring for skilling them, shaping them, and with right training form, creating the opportunities to earn. Project Designated SGSY is the first step towards the goal. Identifying the targeted group, we have our expert in mobilising them with right information and skill counselling them and with the help of right training form, my Trainers made every boy and girl of the class able to earn.

     The first batch started on 11th of August 2011 and in a span of last 11 months, we have trained more than 350 candidates and 231 boys and girls are benefited in engaging themselves in various sectors. Retail, Sales, BPO, Security Guard, and Hospitality is the trades where we mainly train.

     We have also planned to offer a job for each candidate of +2 and above in the coming projects. But that project is paid. Candidate has to pay Rs 3750 for the Admission and Each Trainable Candidate will be back with an Offer Letter.

     AVR Consultancy & Projects Pvt. Ltd. is one of the fastest growing project development division formed under Indian Companies Act, 1956. Being Incorporated in August 2011, the objective was to run with innovative initiatives in the field of project development, rural development, skill development training, and placement.

     AVR Consultancy & Projects Pvt. Ltd. is a leading partnership company aims to sponsor skill development training program in rural as well as in urban area to build the unemployed personal to a skilful professional and also engaged them. We are due to our quality assurance, information system and trained trainer.

     Currently AVR Consultancy & Projects Pvt. Ltd. is working as Business Partner for CWSI (Centum Learning, a Bharti Associate Company and National Skill Development Corporation) to run SPL-SGSY programme sponsored by MORD (Ministry of Rural Development) in various districts of Odisha. Initially we started in creating base in Cuttack-Rural and with the scope of growing; the project is thought of to add few more centres.

     This Company is promoted by Mr Pravat Kumar Kar who came with rich experience from rooting career in sales and management. He had the vision to build a self sustained skill development training organisation where under skilled will be processed professionally to catch up the professional growth.

My Feelings for the society is if a candidate is trainable then he is employable.

     We hope, in near future we will try to create earning opportunities for everyone in the reachable.
  • Identify the rural youth both boys and girls in the age group of 18 -35 years old who are having education and doing nothing.
  • Mobilising them by giving right education on skill development, and the opportunities available.
  • Train them with designed trade and groom them as per the expectation.
  • Placing them with a job matching to their profile.
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